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Last year, we gifted the school and farmland formerly known as Truth Christian School to Salem Missions.  As a foreign entity, True Impact is not allowed to own land in Uganda.  The change in ownership allowed for the school to have a pastor, someone we trust, in charge, bringing much needed spiritual guidance to the school and to the community. 


Salem Missions is in great need of a new vehicle.  Pastor Alex and his team now travel back and forth between Naama, where the Salem Children’s Centre is located, and Nakyenyi, where the school is located.  On a good day it is about a 3-hour drive.  Salem has an old, well-used van that needed to be replaced before taking over the school.  Our appeal to you now is to help us buy Salem Missions a new van to transport people and supplies. 

God is Good!!!  All the Time!!!

On the same day I found out that we made our goal for the van, I found out that the school has not been able to pay the teachers salaries for October and November.

As we mentioned before, any money we raise above the need for the van will go to help pay expenses at the school.  We are probably a year away from the school being self-sufficient.  Your support will help us get there.

Let's Get Salem a New Van