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Special Projects Needing Your Help

The projects we have listed below are some things we are working on or that we know of that need some extra help.  If you feel connected to any of these projects and have the ability, please fill out the registration form below and continue to set up a one-time or recurring donation on the form that follows, or send us a check.​  Make sure to let us know in the comments which project you want to support.

And check back here.  As we see new needs and new projects we'll update this page.

Security Wall

Our main building project in 2022 will be a security wall at the newly renamed Salem Christian School in Nakyenyi.  The security wall will help two major issues at the school.  It will help keep people from wandering onto the school land and potentially doing damage or theft.  The wall will also stop snakes from entering the property and biting the students and teachers.

We need $22,000 for phase 1.

You can help us build the wall by donating through our online donation page or sending your donation to us.   

Kigalama School

True Impact started building the school building in 2021.  It was to be part of our group trip.  We were supposed to help work on it last June.  Unfortunately, our trip was postponed again because of an outbreak of Covid in Uganda.  

We would like to finish this building so we can work on a different building project in 2022.  We currently need $15,000 to finish this structure. The outside needs stucco and the inside needs plaster and paint.  We also need to install windows.


If you are able to help, please donate and designate Kigalama School. 

Salem Church

In the past, we have built several buildings at Salem Children's Centre in Naama, Uganda.  We currently sponsor children at their school.  They have started expanding the church building and need help.

If you feel led, we will forward your donation to them so they can continue to expand their church.


Set up a one-time donation.