Mobilizing and enabling ORDINARY PEOPLE to make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.

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Impact Uganda 2


We are inviting you to join us in this years VIRTUAL 5K/10K. Run or Walk or Hop (or however you want to get from point A to Point B) to help True Impact Ministries feed and support children and families in Uganda.


Funds raised through this race will go to support the children and families that True Impact Ministries supports in Uganda. A second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit Uganda causing the government lockdown the country again.  Schools, churches, transportation and many businesses are closed. Hospitals are overflowing with patients. Costs of goods and services and food is increasing.


True Impact Ministries is working with our in-country employees to provide assistance to as many children and families as we can. We are also working multiple other projects this year.  

Projects that will benefit from this race:

  1. Feeding children and families in need during the pandemic

  2. Finishing the school building in Kigalama

  3. Providing for our new mentoring effort with the children

  4. Support for a new building project in 2022

What is Impact Uganda 2?

It's a Virtual 5K or 10K.  Just like a regular 5K or 10K, but you run, walk or hop wherever you are. You can do it outdoors or indoors on a treadmill or elliptical.  You can time yourself using an app like Strava, MapMyRun or MapMyWalk, Runkeeper or any other app.  You can use a smart watch or a stopwatch.  After you complete your run or walk, return to the website to record your time. You can check out the leaderboard, and go out and run walk or hop faster to move yourself up the leaderboard.


You can complete your run or walk any time between August 21st through 28th.  Post your results any time after you finish.

What is the Distance?

You can choose between a 5K (about 3.1 miles) or a 10K (about 6.2 miles).  We have created routes in Uganda that you can envision yourself running.  Check out the 5K route and the 10K route.

What do you get?

Good question.  Besides the awesome feeling that you know you are making the difference in the life of a child or a family in Uganda, you will get some cool swag. This year, everyone will get a T-Shirt and a medal!  All swag will be delivered to your address following the race end date.

If you have walked, run or hopped and want to enter your time, click here.

When the race is over, check out the results here:

To look up your own or someone else's results, click here.

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