Mobilizing and enabling ORDINARY PEOPLE to make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your questions below, please reach out to us.  We'll add questions below as people ask us.

How much does sponsorship cost?

We have several different sponsorships available. Each provides for children at different levels in their education or for a group in need. Below are the sponsorship opportunities at True Impact Ministries.

  • Half sponsorship for Primary/Secondary education and boarding of a child - $50 / month

  • Full sponsorship for Primary/Secondary education and boarding of a child - $100 / month

  • Sponsorship of a family in need - $150 / month

Are there other ways to Support True Impact besides sponsorship?

Yes! You can support any of the funds through a one-time gift or a recurring donation. When you are ready to give, click here to set up your gift.

Check out Other Ways you can support True Impact in our mission.

Where do my sponsorship dollars go? How is the money spent?

A small percentage of each donation goes towards administrative needs here in the United States. The majority of your sponsorship dollars go directly to buying food, supplies, clothing and paying tuition for your sponsored child. A small percentage of each donation also goes to pay the salaries and expenses of our Ugandan employees, helping to improve their lives as well.

How long does my sponsorship last?

Sponsorship of children extends from preschool through high school. Sponsors will have the opportunity to continue to provide for their sponsored child beyond their hish school education, if they wish. This could mean vocational training like sewing, farming, auto repair or beauty shop among other skills. For some children it could mean continuing their education by attending a university or college. Your sponsorship will continue for as long as you wish until the child completes their education and training.

How do the children and families come to be in the care of True Impact Ministries?

Children who need care are referred to us by our Ugandan partners. They are identified as "vulnerable" by their community through our Ugandan co-workers or government officials. Our employees and partner pastors in Uganda will look into the child's or family's situation to determine their need prior to bringing them into our care.

How do I contact / write my child?

You can visit our Write My Child page and write a letter and upload photos. Or you can send letters and photos directly to us. True Impact Ministries P.O. Box 1633 Castle Rock, CO 80104

Can I send gifts to my child?

Yes! True Impact team members visit our children annually. Before we travel, we notify our sponsors to send letters, photos and small gifts which can be hand-delivered. You may also provide an extra monetary donation for your child for their birthday or holiday, so that our team may purchase gifts from Ugandan vendors.

Can my child write to me?

Yes! The children are encouraged to write to their sponsored children. Those letters are sent electronically to us or we bring them back with us when we are traveling to Uganda. We then forward those letters and pictures to the sponsors.

What language do they speak in Uganda?

The national language of Uganda is called Luganda. Most children learn Luganda or other tribal languages in their homes while they are growing up. Children are taught English in school.

What kind of education do the children receive?

School in Uganda follows the calendar year, unlike here in the US. They have three terms per school year and are off in December and January. Most children start with Baby class (pre-school) and Top class (kindergarten). Then seven Primary grades (grade school) and four to six years of Secondary school (high school). Students in Primary 7, Secondary 4 and Secondary 6 will spend the year studying and preparing for national testing in November. These tests will place the student for their next year of studies or qualify them for vocational or higher education. At any point along their education, if the student is not progressing, they can opt to learn a trade or attend a vocational school if they qualify. For children sponsored by True Impact, their education is based on their location, but we do our best to make sure the children in our care receive a quality education. The children at Salem are sent to local primary and secondary schools. They go on to study at a college or vocational school. The children we support in Nakyenyi attend Salem Christian School for their primary education and most go to nearby Hope Christian School for their secondary education. When it comes time, we will work with the children and their guardians to determine the best path for them, whether it is a vocational school or college or other. Children at Maranatha attend one of the Maranatha schools or nearby Royal Giant secondary school. The children at the Hoffman Home attend Greater Love for primary school. There are several choices for secondary school, including Mpoma in Kampala where several students are attending. The children at Immanuel are attending a couple different secondary schools.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes! The best way to do that would be to join us on our summer trip. We usually visit each location and spend a lot of time with the children. If you wish to travel separately, you can work with us so we can make arrangements for you to meet your sponsored child.