Mobilizing and enabling ORDINARY PEOPLE to make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.

Family Fund
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We have a couple families that True Impact Ministries is caring for.  These families consist of a single mother and several children.  The fathers have either died or are no longer in the picture.  We provide food, clothing, medical assistance as well as spiritual guidance for these families.  

Your tax-deductible sponsorship will be combined with all other sponsors in supporting the families we are caring for.  You will be helping True Impact families grow together and learn of God's provision in their lives.  The kids will learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  


Set up a one-time donation or you can visit our Sponsorship Page and set up recurring giving to support a family.  Your sponsorship of the families will continue for as long as you wish.  

A full family sponsorship is $150 per month.  You can also provide a half-family sponsorship at $75 per month.  One-time donations are also very helpful.