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Support a Classroom

All these classrooms are at Truth Christian School in Nakyenyi, Uganda.

Classroom sponsorship goes towards paying the teachers' salaries, buying classroom supplies like books, posters and chalk, as well as paying the expenses to keep the school going, like electricity, security and the cooks and matrons' salaries.  We also pay a pastor to come to the school each weekend to guide the students and the teachers in their spiritual growth.

Click on a class picture below to view more details.  Then scroll down and fill out the registration form and set up tax-deductible one-time or recurring donations to support our school.  

A full classroom sponsorship is $150 per month. 

You can also sign up for a half-classroom sponsorship at $75 per month.

Set up a one-time donation or you can visit our Sponsorship Page and set up recurring giving to support a family.  Your sponsorship of the classroom will continue for as long as you wish.