Mobilizing and enabling ORDINARY PEOPLE to make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.

Sponsor One of the Boys

The children in our sponsorship program are identified by the community and our in-country employees as needing assistance.  Each child’s story is unique, but they are all deserving of services and a future which you can help provide through your donations to True Impact Ministries.

The children in our program rely on True Impact support for their:

  • Biblical Teaching

  • Food

  • Water

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • School Tuition and supplies

  • Life skills training

  • Medical care

Your tax-deductible sponsorship will work together with the other sponsors in supporting the boys we are caring for.  You will be helping True Impact kids learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually. 


Sponsorship of children extends from preschool through high school.  Sponsors will have the opportunity to continue to provide for their sponsored child if they wish.  This could mean vocational training like sewing, farming, auto repair or beauty shop among other skills.  For some children it could mean continuing their education by attending a university or college.  Your sponsorship will continue for as long as you wish until the child completes their education and training.

As you are looking through the children below, when you find one you want to sponsor, click on the Sign-Up Form link to register your support.  You can also click on the Donation Page link to set up automatic recurring donations for your support.  True Impact will be in touch with you regarding the details.  


Sponsorship for a child is $100 per month.  You can also share sponsorship with another sponsor at $50 per month.


Ibrahim’s father drowned while fishing and his mother left him and his younger brother Joseph with an aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, both aunt and uncle were in an accident and are no longer able to support the boys. Ibrahim was just promoted to Primary 6 and will be attending New Eden Primary School when the schools reopen. Ibrahim has written about how much he loves school and playing with his friends there.  He also talks about playing football (soccer).

Sponsor Sign Up Form                         Donation Page


Victor was born October 29, 2013 and is in Primary 1 this year. His mother is unemployed and survives on cultivating in other people’s fields to get something to eat, while his father has a mental health problem.  He loves football (soccer), the color blue and his favorite animal is the goat. Victor loves building houses and sweeping around the compound.

Sponsor Sign Up Form                         Donation Page


Shafiq is a fun courageous boy who has lost both parents.  He has been living with neighbors and distant relatives since the age of 2 moving from home to home.   He was born April 14, 2010. He has joined the “family” at Salem Children’s Home in hopes of finding sponsorship to pay his school fees and help provide for her personal daily needs.  He writes “my friends call me ‘Fic’ and I love the parental love I feel at Salem”. 

Sponsor Sign Up Form                         Donation Page


Edrine was born in 2005. The exxact date is not recorded, so he celebrates on January 1 each year. He is a hard-working Secondary student who desires to join the debate team and play soccer with his classmates. His father passed away in September on 2018 and his mother is not able to afford school or fees or daily living exenses for Edrine or his three siblings. He hopes to train as an accountant but will need your help.

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Moses’ mother died during child birth and his father died a few years ago in a motor vehicle accident.  His grandparents have been trying to take care of him but they are unable to support him and his three siblings.  Moses likes playing football (soccer) and desires to return to school to continue his education.

Sponsor Sign Up Form                    Donation Page


We have more children who need the help of a sponsor and True Impact Ministries.  If you would like, you can fill out the Registration Form and request the child most in need to be assigned for your sponsorship.  You can then visit our Online Donation Page and set up recurring giving to support your child.