Mobilizing and enabling ORDINARY PEOPLE to make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.

Andy Malsam Acres

Andrew J. Malsam was a farmer from South Dakota who raised 10 children and helped feed the world with his dedication to farming God’s earth. His devotion to farming inspired members of his family to help True Impact Ministries raise funds for Ugandan orphanages to obtain farm land so they can help feed their orphans and teach the craft of farming to generations to come. True Impact’s Ugandan ministry partners have dedicated their lives to caring for God’s widows and orphans. If these dedicated servants had land to farm, they could do even more to further the kingdom of God.

With True Impact Ministries’ help, the Malsam family has started Andy Malsam’s Acres to raise funds to purchase farm land for orphanages that need it. Consider these facts:

  • The Ugandan climate allows for not just one, but two growing seasons every year

  • True Impact’s partners in Uganda estimate they can feed up to 15 children a year from just 1 acre’s crops

  • Any surpluses can be sold to acquire much needed medical care and other supplies for their orphanages

Farm land in Uganda is often owned and controlled by foreign influences and can be prohibitively expensive in this impoverished area. This is why we want to start by buying small plots of land for orphanages – 10 to 20 acres – near the sites. We believe we can help orphanages in Uganda one acre at a time to feed 15 hungry children per acre this year, next year and forever. An acre of land can teach countless orphans the craft of farming, help to impart the importance of self reliance and hard work, and create surpluses to provide for additional needs.

Please consider sponsoring an acre or multiple acres of land for this project. You alone – or with family, friends, co-workers, church or neighbors – can sponsor an acre of land for $1500. You will receive updates on the crops that your sponsored acre is producing, what skills are being learned there and what other benefits are being reaped from your generosity.  You can also give a one-time donation or recurring donations to put toward the overall fund.