Mobilizing and enabling ORDINARY PEOPLE to make an EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world.

True Impact Ministries helps orphans and impoverished children and families. 

We accomplish our mission through four specific approaches:

  1. Child Sponsorships

  2. Special Building Projects (water, building and infrastructure)

  3. Medical Clinics

  4. Allocation of Donated Funds for specific individual/ministry needs (education, healthcare, etc.)

Our ministry works directly with pastors and leaders in Uganda.  These partners are leaders of either orphan homes or Christian schools.  Over the last 15+ years, our organization has built school buildings, dormitories, kitchens, water projects and homes for these orphan homes and schools and families in need.  Since 2011, we have offered child sponsorships to provide food, clothing, tuition and medical assistance for almost 300 children. 


All the children in our program attend a Christian primary school, and most go on to a Christian secondary school.  Our support of the leaders at these homes and schools allows them to be the spiritual guidance for the children.  They provide teaching and training in following Jesus as well as how to live a Christian life in Uganda.  Our desire is for Ugandans to raise up Ugandans, so they are not reliant on a “hand out” from foreigners.  We support them so they can raise their children out of poverty.


Sponsorships with True Impact Ministries are a way you can become part of the solution.  We need sponsors to help us provide for the needs of the children.  Monthly or yearly child sponsorships provide food, clothing, medical care, school fees, shelter, utilities, Christian education and life skills training for children.  You can also help by sponsoring a family in need or supporting a classroom.  You can provide a secondary education through the Sunlight Fund, or assist with vocational or university studies through the Higher Education fund.  We also have a medical fund to provide care for the children and their caretakers.  Sponsorship makes a HUGE impact on the lives of these children and we can’t overemphasize its importance!  Check out all the ways you can help. 

Special Building Projects

Construction of essential buildings and support facilities has been a foundational part of our mission from day one. Clean water, sanitation, children’s homes and schools are prerequisites for education, hygiene, healthcare and vocational training. We mobilize teams of people who raise money, travel to Africa with us, and help build these projects. The impact on the people we serve is huge, but equally blessed are the teams of people, whose lives are changed through a trip like this.  Check out our past projects.

The types of projects we have built include: schools, orphan homes, teacher dormitories, pit latrines, kitchens and rainwater collection and storage systems. We take a team at least once a year to Africa for a building project.  Check out our Vacation With a Purpose information.

Medical Assistance

True Impact Ministries provides medical assistance to the children in our care as well as the caretakers.  Check out more information on our Medical Fund if you would like to help us out with this.

Specific Individual/Ministry Needs

Through our interactions overseas, we are made aware of various large and small needs.  Some examples might be:  tuition money needed for vocational school, land needed for growing food, school fees for a teenage mother, medical and dental procedures for children with special needs, musical instruments for an orphan home, etc.  These needs are validated and we evaluate the required costs.  If there are unallocated funds available, we will pay for the individual or ministry need.  If money is not available, we make the need known to our donors to see if someone would like to give financially to the cause.  Check out our Projects Page to see what we are doing or see other ways to give to get involved.