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2022 Vacation with a Purpose

It happened again. 

Our 2020 trip -- Postponed.

Our 2021 trip -- Postponed.

While we are disappointed not to be travelling to Uganda this year, it didn't take long for us to see God's reasoning for postponing this trip. With a Covid-19 pandemic and outbreak in Uganda, this is not a good time to be in Uganda. We also have a couple stories from travelers that make us grateful to our Great God. He has a better plan for us than we could ever imagine.


We do not know what 2022 will have in store for us, but we are determined to return to Uganda.  Our trip plans are to leave the US on March 19 and return on April 1.  

Can you join us?  If serving the children in Uganda is on your heart. please contact Andy (  We have room for a few more people to join us.  


We are still working out the details of our plans for our trip.  We know we will spend time with the children and we plan to have a new construction project.


The delay in our trip did not delay our building project. Construction on the new school block at Maranatha Kigalama began without us.  Below are a few pictures of the progress of the building.


We still need about $15,000 to finish that building along with the new kitchen and latrine.  


You can support our effort by donating towards our trip.   

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